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Kindness, the simplest form of humanity.

Updated: May 26, 2019

First of all, a huge hello to you! Welcome to I hope you will love it as much as I do.

As a first blog post, its always hard to think of the best way to start. Do I go all in on a controversial topic? Do I go softly and just have a little hello to start?

Well, my plan is to not start off too controversial, and just give you an idea of what I'm hoping to achieve on here.

I'm hoping to give you all an insight into the many roles I have, as well as hoping to spread some joy and positivity.

I'm looking forward to starting conversations, learning from each other and hopefully making some amazing connections with you all.

So, as this is the first post, I'm going to keep it light and focus on some of the inspiration I had to start on this journey.

The past year and a half has been a huge game changer for me. I took a massive step out of my comfort zone and moved across the country from London to Manchester.

London had been my home for 10 years, and If you had met me 5 years ago, I would be the first person to say I could never leave London. Yet, here I am in a new city, with a completely different life to the one I had just 18 months ago.

On a very cold January morning I packed all my worldly belongings in to the back of a transit van, I sat in the passenger seat with my dad next to me asking if I was ready. It was a moment that I never saw coming, probably a moment I never wanted to come. I am someone who always had a plan, and this moment was never in the plan I had. But I was ready, the tears and the emotions were gotten rid of and a new life beckoned.

When I moved, I knew no one. I started a new job where I had taken a promotion in to a role I had never done, and I was hundreds of miles away from my family support network. I must be mad right? Truthfully, I think I was. I could have taken the easier option and stayed where I was, but I knew that wasn't going to be right in the long run. I questioned my decision over and over, and had the worst case scenario plan in the back of my head ready, in case it truly was a huge mistake.

I got to my new house, said goodbye to my dad and sat looking around me. Boxes covering the empty rooms, with one floor cushion to keep me company. A stark contrast to the warm and comfy home I had just left. A very large glass of gin later, I started to unpack the little things I could to make it feel a little more like home.

I had 3 days from moving in to starting my new job, which meant 3 days of doubting myself and my ability to do this new job role. The brain is wonderful at helping you doubt yourself.

If you were to ask me what happened on my first day in my new job, I honestly don't think I could tell you, but the one thing that I can remember, is the overwhelming kindness I was shown by every single person in my new team.

It was a kindness I had never experienced. I was instantly welcomed, there was no hoops to jump through like I had experienced before. They were instantly wanting to make me feel part of the team and were so willing to teach me everything I needed.

I had planned on coming home feeling a little lost, lonely and regretting my decision- but these people and how they embraced me gave me the confidence in my decision.

Moving forward from those scary first days and months, I began to feel like life was changing for the better. I had more confidence in myself, which was all fuelled by this amazing team around me. It meant that I started putting myself out there in positions I probably never would have. I started dreaming a little bigger, then those dreams became goals, which then became plans and subsequently reality.

This became a reality for me

Every dream I had, I doubted if I was the right person for it.

I'm too young

I'm too inexperienced

I'm just a nurse

I have nothing to offer

There are far more qualified people to do this.

Why would they want my opinion.

How I felt about every opportunity coming towards me

Yet, somehow this amazing group of people surrounding me pushed me to believe in myself, to help keep my imposter syndrome at bay enough to at least apply for opportunities; and oh my goodness, the opportunities have been indescribable (well, not totally indescribable, otherwise there isn't really a point to this website)

The journey they've helped me take in finding confidence in myself has been life changing, and it came from the simplest of gestures... kindness.

Kindness is the simplest form of humanity, and I am surrounded by it in abundance because of these amazing human beings.

It has taken away the harsh edge that I had been used to for so long, and it has helped me push myself. When I doubt myself, their kindness helps me flourish.

These amazing people have made me feel that it's ok to be who I am, and that being kind and compassionate isn't the exception its the rule.

So, if you take anything away from my inaugural post, its this. Kindness helps people grow to be their best, don't underestimate it!

I cant wait to go in to all of the amazing projects I'm part of with you, but for now, I wanted you to truly understand that I would never have the confidence to even begin this website without the kindness of initial strangers- who are now my family.


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